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This content transferred from the previous version of the Don DeLillo Society website (maintained by Phil Nel through Kansas State University).

12 August 2012: Finished the DDS bibliography updates. Apologies again for the delay.

6 August 2012: Back in January, our new bibliographer Karim Daanoune sent me updates for the DDS bibliography pages. I am only just now getting around to making some of his updates. Thus far, I’ve done 2010, 2011, and 2012 — and added the items from each of those annual bibliographies to the main Literary Criticism bibliography. More updates to come. In sum, the bibliographic deficiencies have been and continue to be my fault, not his.

22 January 2012: Call for Papers! “Riddled with Epiphanies”: DeLillo, New York (April 20-21, 2012). Proposals due Feb. 28.

10 September 2011: Announcing Elections!

13 Deecember 2008: Thanks to our new newsletter editor and the contributors, the new issue is out!

24 August 2008: Have at last created the Annual Bibliography: 2008 page, and added these items to relevant sections of the Bibliography — “Literary Criticism.” Also, please take a look at the Events page for Mary Holland’s call for papers on “DeLillo in the 21st Century.”

27 May 2008: Thanks to Mark Osteen (our fearless leader) who filled in as acting Newsletter Editor, we have another newsletter. It includes some items that should have appeared in a much earlier newsletter. Special thanks to Julia Apitzsch and Marc Schuster for their patience.

31 May 2007: Thanks to our new Newsletter Editor, John Esther, we at last have a newsletter — the first one in, er, some time. We would also like to welcome Matt King as our first official Listserv Manager. Finally, Dwight Garner’s “Inside the List” in the May 27 2007 New York Times Book Review mentions the DeLillo Society:

it never occurred to me that the pronunciation of Don DeLillo’s last name was in dispute. How can you mangle “DeLillo”? But according to the Don DeLillo Society’s Web page, “How do you pronounce ‘DeLillo’?” is a frequently asked question. The site’s Web master provides this assessment: “Until hearing Mr. DeLillo pronounce his own surname during a 1997 radio interview, I was not 100 percent sure myself. He said, ‘Duh Lih Lo,’ with the primary accent on the second syllable, and the secondary accent on the first syllable. Phonetically, one might also write ‘D’Lih Lo.’ The ‘Duh’ or ‘D’ rhymes with ‘Dug,’ ‘Lih’ rhymes with ‘Lip,’ and ‘Lo’ rhymes with ‘Low.’ ” I’m glad that’s cleared up. DeLillo’s new novel, “Falling Man” (reviewed on our cover this week), has yet to crack the fiction list or appear on the extended list. He’s previously placed two books here — “Libra” had a five-week run in 1988, and “Underworld” spent 10 weeks on the list in 1997 and 1998.

To the best of my knowledge, this is the DDS’s first mention in the Times.

26 April 2006: Daniela Daniele has edited an all-DeLillo issue of Nuova Corrente 52 (2005). I’ve added articles to relevant sections of the Bibliography — “Literary Criticism,” “Annual Bibliography of Literary Criticism: 2005,” and “Works by Don DeLillo” (because there’s a new interview with DeLillo. Thanks to Mark Osteen, I’ve also added a few more pieces to the Bibliography.

1 March 2006: Updated the “Works by Don DeLillo” section of the Bibliography to include DeLillo’s new play, as well as some essays that Curt Gardner has listed on his Don DeLillo’s America site. Also updated the Bibliography of Literary Criticism to include Tim Engles and John N. Duvall’s Approaches to Teaching White Noise (MLA, 2006), which is now out. I still need to add a new Annual Bibliography page for 2006, which I hope to do soon.

11 June 2005: Updated the Bibliography pages, adding a new page for the 2005 annual bibliography.

29 December 2004: As noted on the Events page, we’re having a Don DeLillo Society Business Meeting, 12 noon, Wednesday, December 29. Rotunda (restaurant off lobby) of Ritz Carlton. New members welcome!

6 October 2004: In the past month (September), I’ve added a link to Don DeLillo’s papers in the Links page and the “Works by Don DeLillo” section of the Bibliography. See also the Events page for a new CFP.

18-19 January 2004: Updated all Bibliography pages and the Events page.

19 November 2003: David Cowart’s Don DeLillo: The Physics of Language has been awarded the 2003 SAMLA Studies Book Award, given for the best scholarly book published in English by a member of SAMLA during the previous calendar year. The paperback version of Cowart’s book, with a new chapter on Cosmopolis and “Baader-Meinhof,” is out.

29 March 2003: Added DeLillo’s March-April Tour Schedule. Cosmopolis is out. Also, as frequent visitors to the Bibliography pages will know, this section continues to grow.

25 April 2002: Added several items to the Bibliography pages, one of which deserves mention: DeLillo’s short essay on Libra (2 pages, pub. 2001), now listed in the “Essays” section of “Works by Don DeLillo”

11 April 2002: I continually update the Bibliography pages without announcing that fact on this “News” page, but a few recent additions deserve mention. First, the latest DeLillo story (added 29 March) is now listed in the “Uncollected Short Fiction” section of “Works by Don DeLillo”; second, Pete Dempsey has just sent me another article which, otherwise, I never would have found: it was published in the journal Over Here, and is now listed in the “White Noise” section of the “Journal Articles” (Bibliography of Literary Criticism). So, thanks to Pete!

14 January 2002: Over the last few weeks, I’ve updated the Bibliography pages and added a Site Map. And, just moments ago, I added a new call for papers to the Events page. Take a look.

18 November 2001: Please see the Events page for a call for papers and news about our annual MLA meeting.

31 August 2001: I updated the Bibliography pages in July and again during this past week. Have also added to the Events page that DeLillo’s Pafko at the Wall (the novella that became Underworld‘s prologue) will be published by Scribner in October, 2001.

14 May 2001: Please read the call for papers (on the Events page): John Duvall and Tim Engles are editing Approaches to Teaching DeLillo’s White Noise, and they invite your participation.

16 April 2001: Updated many of the Bibliography pages. Also, please take note of the ALA panel session on The Body Artist, announced on the Events page.

25 January 2001: The Body Artist is out, and one article on the novel links back to the Don DeLillo Society, prompting me to add a DDS in the News section to the Events page. Please note the calls for papers on that page, and see the Bibliography pages for new additions. If you know of works that should be included but are not, please let us know.

13 December 2000: Visit the Bibliography pages for both a link to a new short play by DeLillo (in the “Plays” sections of “Works by Don DeLillo”) and still more critical works.

1 December 2000: Look at the Events page and the Bibliography pages for new and forthcoming works on DeLillo — it’s been a busy year. If you know of items that are not listed, please send me an email with the full citation. Thanks.

3 July 2000: Following its webmaster, the Don DeLillo Society has moved to a new domain: Please update your bookmarks and links!

9 June 2000: On the Events page, please note that Mark Osteen’s new book on DeLillo is now out (and so has been added to relevant sections of the Bibliography). Also on the Events page, a book by Patrick O’Donnell (forthcoming in October).

4 June 2000: Please visit the Events page to see listings for a recent and forthcoming conference panel.

30 May 2000: Congratulations to Mark Osteen, new president of the Don DeLillo Society. In addition to changing the list of officers (on the “About” page), I’ve added the publication of an excerpt from End Zone to the “Uncollected Short Fiction” section of the bibliography (thanks to Curt Gardner for this information).

19 March 2000: New on the Events page — a call for papers for the Midwest Modern Language Association’s November conference (submissions due April 20).

19 February 2000: New on the Events page — a call for submissions to a casebook on Underworld.

17 February 2000: On the Events page, under New and Forthcoming Publications, you’ll find a tentative publication date and title for Don DeLillo’s next novel. That same section lists new books by Arthur Saltzman and Timothy Melley, both of which have chapters on DeLillo (both have been added to relevant sections of the Bibliography). Past Events (for 1999) can be found on a separate page.

5 January 2000: Distributed MLA meeting notes to members on the 3rd and, today, made adjustments to the About, Events, and Links pages. In particular, members and non-members will want to read two new calls for papers and a description of the DeLillo Society’s panel session at the Twentieth-Century Literature Conference. Please note, too, the appearance of Mark Osteen’s forthcoming book (listed with New and Forthcoming Publications). Finally, please send me (Phil Nel) your nominations for DeLillo Society officers by 1 March 2000. Elections will be held the week of March 15th.

6 October 1999: The first issue of the Don DeLillo Society’s Newsletter is here. Further information about the Don DeLillo Society’s plenary session (at MLA) can be found on the Events page. Also on that page, under New and Forthcoming Publications, you’ll see Critical Essays on Don DeLillo.

27 September 1999: See the Events page for an MLA panel session on DeLillo’s Underworld.

26 September 1999: With thanks to Joseph S. Walker’s excellent “Don DeLillo: A Selected Bibliography” (in Modern Fiction Studies 45.3), the Don DeLillo Society’s bibliography of literary criticism has undergone significant expansion. In addition, both literary critical and annual bibliographies now list the contents of MFS 45.3. And, as regular visitors may have noticed, other items have been added to the bibliographies during the past month or so.

1-2 July 1999: Sent out an announcement about the Don DeLillo Society.

29 June 1999: Posted a Call for Papers.

31 May – 28 June 1999: Established website, bibliography, by-laws of organization, and provided a general structure to the Don DeLillo Society.